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"For its mix of media and its sheer originality, daring and ambition, "Wax & Wayne" has no rival. And as a testament to what artists will do for the sake of art, it certainly pushes the envelope. Eat your heart out, Madame Tussaud....Highly Recommended."
Chicago Sun-Times ]

"...a theatrical ode to the pleasures of playing
with wax...Critics Choice"
Chicago Tribune ]

"Probably the most incredible sight on any stage this year occurred during Local Infinites' Wax & Wayne."
Chicago Sun-Times ]

"...breathtaking in its intertwined intelligence and emotional openness...an intriguing, smart, wholly accessible meditation on creative identity, power, transformation and sacrifice. Critic's Choice"
[ Chicago Reader ]

...de geestige, zeer visueel ingestelde voorstelling.
The Dome ]

"Just when you think the Fringe has run out of new ideas, something surprises you....The strikingly beautiful images in Wax & Wayne often defy expectations....It’s like a Twilight Zone episode set in Madame Tussaud’s museum.

The ingenuity with which Strell and Underwood utilize wax would be enough to make a brilliant piece, but these Chicago performers also craft a riveting narrative that brings to mind influences as diverse as Strindberg, Pygmalion and Frankenstein.

Special credit must go to Tom Howe, who provides the evening’s creepy soundtrack.....His orchestra of everyday objects makes the clangers in Stomp sound like mere noisemakers.”
[ Time Out New York ]





Body of Work

200 lbs. of wax create a surreal world of lunar cycles reflecting the binding relationship between creation and destruction as two characters trade places--one emerging from a wax shell, the other plunging into a vat of molten wax.

Contact info@localinfinities.com to bring Wax & Wayne to a theater near you.

Wax & Wayne premiered at the Oerol Festival of Site-Specific Theater in The Netherlands, June 2002. It met critical acclaim during its Chicago run, August 2002, packed the house at the PerformingArtsChicago/edge festival in Chicago, March 2003 and toured to Knox College. Wax & Wayne won the FringeNYC Excelence Award for Unique Theatrical Experience.

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Meghan Strell, Larry Underwood & Charlie Levin

Meghan Strell, Larry Underwood, & Tom Howe

John Musial

Tom Howe

Sage Reed

John Musial
Ben Spicer

Sarah Seaman