Body of Work

Friday January 30, 2004
Friday-Saturday December 12-13, 2003
Saturday November 15, 2003
The Spareroom
2416 W. North Avenue
Near the Damen Blue line

Local Infinities presents NaCl, an exploration of sodium chloride and the myths that surround it. We're in the process of developing our next material show (salt) and would love to hear your responce to this work in progress. See the show and participate in the feedback session. We'ld love to hear what you see.

Special Thanks to Morton Salt Inc.

NaCl was presented by the following festivals:

Swallowed [W]hole...
      what's eating you?

Chicago's time-arts cooperative presents performances and installations in a group show examining the things that consume us. Hosted by Joseph Ravens.

Performances and Installations by: Tawni Bell, Jaclyn Biskup, GinaMarie Gabriel, Ania Greiner, Connor Kalista, Jennifer Karmin, Nicole LeGette, Local Infinities, Sheelah Murthy, JT Newman, Charissa Tolentino and Liz Winfield.

Spareroom Makework
Presents Local Infinities and the Now Music Series

A festival of live experimental performance

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Anthony Wills
Erica Mott
Mehgan Strell

John Musial