Local Infinities believes in a process of investigation and invention that is highly collaborative, involving performer, designer, writer and director alike in the creation of the whole performance. These biographies are entered at the time of the most recent collaboration.


Hilary Mac Austin has acted and directed for the past fifteen years. She co-edited The Face of Our Past: Images of Black Women from Colonial America to the Present with Kathleen Thompson. Their most recent publications are Children of the Depression and America's Children.
Alternating Currents 1997; Wax (v.) to come to be 2000


Alex Blatt
Skin 2000

Sarah Best is an artist who is committed to making art happen. She is the Marketing Director of Local Infinities Visual Theater and PR and Marketing Coordinator of Mad Shak Dance Company. An arts writer, she interviews dancers and choreographers for Time Out Chicago magazine, and is a regular contributor for Gapers Block, a Chicago centric web publication. Links Hall is her second home; she coordinates the volunteer program there, and teaches DIY workshops on arts administration topics for working artists. She's a zine maker and a member of the collaborative performance art collective Structures Without Integrity. For more info visit www.trylesshard.com. Prior to moving to Chicago, she lived in New York and London and is a graduate of New York University's Gallatin School of Individualized Study.
Corpus Delicti 2005

Ivana Bevacqua is a performer and director who has worked with Touchstone, Bugeater, Mary Arrchie, Prop and A.K.A. Productions.
Daughters of Memory Series 2000

Seth Bockley In the role of production dramaturg, Seth has provided an essential and critical "outside eye" to Local Infinities, helping to shape the current production. Seth is an Artistic Associate at Redmoon Theater, having received a two-year Mentorship Grant from the Theater Communications Group (TCG). His is the Assistant Director for Redmoon’s fall spectacle Loves Me, Loves Me Not and has performed in numerous other Redmoon productions. Seth created a solo piece, Any Illusion: A Perversion of New England in One Act for Local Infinities’ Infinitesimals festival of visual theater at Links Hall. A second production, at the 2005 PAC/Edge Performance Festival, was produced by Walkabout Theater Company. Seth was recently seen in Walkabout Theater’s Psycho-so-Matic, a site-specific piece set in a Laundromat. Prior to moving to Chicago, Set gained a background in physical theater and spectacle creation at Double Edge Theater in Ashfield, MA.
Corpus Delicti 2005; Infinitesimals 2005

G. Scott Brown
Skin 2000

Xylia Buros worked at HERE Arts Center (theater/ art gallery) in NYC, graduated from NYU last May, and randomly decided to move to Chicago, which turned out to be a good decision.
Wax & Wayne 2003


cavity lab (Vlatka Horvat, Joel Johnson, Antun Toni Blazinovic, Kristina Horvat Blazinovic) is an international group whose mission is to devise visual and poetic landscapes of live art through physical actions, gesture, image, and sound. Cavity lab projects emerge from explorations of spaces in-between and the interstices of self and culture, employing as a point of origin a range of texts, objects, environments, and media. Working in collaboration, we explore, sample from, alter, and reshape our often contradictory experiences, memories, and dreams and use the impact of source materials and ideas upon our lives. Members of cavity lab have performed, exhibited, and produced work in the U.S. (Chicago, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Cleveland, Minneapolis), England (Chichester, London), Austria (Eisenstadt, Schramberg), Slovenia (Ljubljana, Velenje, Murska Sobota), and throughout Croatia. For more information, visit the following websites: http://www.megsinet.net/~clab, http://www.geocities.com/kristinahb, and http://scena.hgu.hr/bassplayer/
The Space Between Two Series 2001

Mark Comiskey has been heard making noise for such bands as The Betsy Years, Ler Noot Fiesta, JOE, and Schloinke. His music has accompanied many productions of the Curious Theatre Branch, Theartre Oobleck, Red Moon Theatre, Jellyeye, and Le Cirque Noir, as well as the original workshop production of THE QUEENS PROJECT. On several occasions he's been seen acting. Liebe Süsse.
Wax (v.) to come to be 2000; The Queens Project 1998

KellyAnn Corcoran is a graduate of The Conservatory for Performing Arts at Webster University. She is the founding Artistic Director of Dolphinback Theater Company and left Dolphinback in '98 to become the Artistic Director of Center Theater. Her most recent endeavors have been as a solo performance artist in her one woman shows, The Queen of Bakersfield and other Tales of Dust and Moonlight and Mothers Day. She performed “Hair” in Center's V-Day performance of The Vagina Monologues at the Goodman Studio and is currently in rehearsal for Still Point's production of Point's of Arrival, The Jean Donovan Story, in which she will be playing Jean. She thanks Paul for, among other things, keeping her in clean laundry.
Wax (v.) to come to be 2000


Jacqui Dehne Jacqueline Dehne is a recent grad from Knox College where she had Stage Managed the "Skriker" and "The Grapes of Wrath" directed by Liz Carlin-Metz of Vitalist Theatre, and Lysistrata. Currently she works for American Girl Theatre as a CSM, ASM (for the "Holiday Concert"), Run Crew, Sound Op., and sometimes Wardrobe Sub for the Bitty Bear shows. She also interned at Chicago Shakespeare for their productions of "Measure for Measure" with Barbara Gaines, and "Peter Pan the Musical!" Go Crocodile! Other favorites include ASM for "Red Moon's 11th Annual Winter Pageant" where she met Meghan, SM and light design for Knox's Formal Dance Concerts, and a SM job overseas for Centre Stage in Aberdeen, Scotland. A proud accomplishment for her was when she completed an Honor's project in outreach theatre in Galesburg, for the local housing authority. Jacqueline is enthusiastic in being invited on board to the Local Infinities project for a chance to work for a bold and unique kind of Chicago theatre group.
Corpus Delicti 2005

Arne Dobbelaer (YounGodds) graduated as an actor at the Kleine Academie, Brussels, Belgium in 1994. His love for the body as an instrument, woken up by his schooling, brought him to different workshops all over Europe. Refining this instrument, in order to evoke as clearly as possible 'that which comes from within' has been his main drive. A Butoh- and BMC-training (body-mind centering) has deepened and given weight to this process. Playing for teenagers, giving them both Commedia del'Arte and royal drama, has been the perfect laboratory to test this material in front of an audience.
The Space Between Two Series 2001

Martha Donovan
Hidden City 1996

Sheri Doyel was trained in ballet and modern dance at UCLA, and then took her knees snow skiing. Ten years later she returned to the stage, or streets rather, with Redmoon Theater who she thanks dearly. Sheri teaches art history and is the marketing director for Ox-Bow. She holds Meghan and Charlie in high esteem.
Wax (v.) to come to be 2000

Sara Dykmans (YounGodds) finished the Academie for Fine Arts, Antwerp, Belgium as a costume designer and scenographist. Her graduation project (where she first worked with Arne Dobbelaer) was a location-orientated piece where costumes, space, video, sound, and movement interacted and fused. Ever since then she has been combining and experimenting different aspects of theatre and visual arts. She uses them as means to explore and bring forth unconsious images, structures and stories.
The Space Between Two Series 2001


Sharon Göpfert last appeared in Curious Theater Branch's production of SMALL TOGETHER, one of the productions the company will be taking to Germany this summer. She also appeared in the independent film OUR FATHER, co-written by Bryn Magnus. Her homes have been National Pastime Theater, Prop Theatre, Trap Door Theatre, and Studio 108 among others. There are no words to thank Meghan, Charlie, and Tanera for their love and competence in this process. Love and thanks always to MC Sweetie and Caryl.
The Queens Project 1998

Kennedy Greenrod Hailing originally from Newcastle, England, Kennedy now sings and plays accordion and guitar for the Chicago-based music act The Thin Man. The Thin Man's second album, H.M.S. Mondegreen (2004) was praised in the Chicago Reader for its sparse arrangements, Greenrod's Weimar era caberet-style accordion and for his "Bowie-esque" vocals. The Thin Man previously released a debut album, A Cloud in Trousers. Listen to musical excerpts and learn more about The Thin Man at www.thinmansongs.com
Corpus Delicti 2005

Amy Griffin (4th year B.F.A./Acting DePaul U.) Amy comes to The Theatre School from Atlanta, GA, where she attended North Shore High of Performing Arts. Mother Earth is Amy’s fourth Theatre School production. She is delighted beyond belief about this project.
Mother Earth 2004


Russell Hardin is excited to be working on THE QUEENS PROJECT, his second professional production. This past summer he was seen as Omar in the Jamoa Theatre Ensemble's production of THE BIG FUNK at the Gnu Yak Performance Space. Last June, Russell graduated from The Theatre School at DePaul University with a B.F.A. in Acting.
The Queens Project 1998

Tom Howe was originally a member of the Chicago crucial r&b band, The Adjusters, but has moved on to other pursuits in the past couple of years. After performing in college, he was seen as Tishka in the Greasy Joan & Co. production of “A Family Affair”. Since then he has been a part of several Redmoon Theatre productions including the traveling production of “The Old Man and the Sea”.
Infinitesimals 2005; Wax & Wayne 2002-03

Maris Hudson (4th year B.F.A./Acting DePaul U.)
Mother Earth 2004


Heather Ireland got her MFA in theatre from DePaul University. She has been seen storytelling with Kai, sweeping tears with Redmoon and dreaming Ethiopia with MPAACT. Lately she has been wax thrower, candle blower, poem sayer, word player and is delighted to be wrestling this way. “Shouts out to Ma, Daddy, Bro, Godsis, Cuz and the Creata.”
Wax (v.) to come to be 2000


Rick Kubes Senior member of Jellyeye Drum Theatre since 1991, Doggie in AVALANCH RANCH, and hundreds of shows later, Jellyeye is still going strong. Lookingglass performer/teacher. Curious Theatre's LOSERS ALIAS. Theatre Stigma's ZOO STORY, Shakespeare Rep's JULIUS CAESAR. Film: SINCE YOU'VE BEEN GONE, MY BEST FRIEND'S WEDDING, HOFFA. Rick dedicates life to Holly Wantuck; R.I.P.
The Queens Project 1998


Charlie Levin I am a visual artist working in theater – not as a designer, but as an artist making live paintings. I believe strongly in the power of visual theater as a form in which the visceral immediacy of seeing a live person in front of you (theater) meets the reflective, metaphoric power of visual art. I am committed to the visual as a means of communicating deep content, not limited to decoration or backdrop. I find that using real materials onstage provides an infinite possibility of metaphor with a texture unmatched by traditional theatrical illusion. We are saturated by virtual images today, bombarded by TV and advertising and spin. I want to revitalize image as a place for reflection, not distortion. I want to offer people images based on real materials, real textures, real skin, enlarging our attachment to each other and the world. I want to make images for this image-savvy society — not in flashing lights, but in full textural reality — images that take people in slowly and return them, in the end, changed.

I came into theater through the back door. One day my figure paintings became installations incorporating the movement of the people inside them. It was a short step to collaborating with performing artists to plan specific juxtapositions between the person and the space. In Meghan, I found someone who proves that it is possible to collaborate without one person leading and whose differences enrich, complement, and enlighten.

I studied fine arts and philosophy at the University of Michigan. [see profile]
Co-Founder 1996

Dr. Norman Lieska
Dr. Norman Lieska Phd. (Expert Advisor & Anatomist) is an Associate Professor of Anatomy and Cell Biology at the University of Illinois-Chicago College of Medicine, where he teaches Gross Anatomy to first year medical students. Dr. Lieska has been a supporter of Corpus Delicti: Just Desserts since he saw an early excerpt from the performance at Links Hall in January 2005. He has welcomed Local Infinities into his Gross Anatomy Lab, answered all of our questions about corpses, and has sparked many discussions about the history and ethics of the study of anatomy and about what Rembrandt really saw when observing and painting Dr. Tulp's anatomy lesson.
Corpus Delicti 2005

Stephen Loch (2nd Year M.F.A./Acting, DePaul U.) Stephen has spent the past several years in Seattle, where his theater credits include Benedick in Much Ado About Nothing, Alicbiades in Timon of Athens, (both with Greenstage) Teddy Heelin in Big Maggie (Northern Lights Theater), and Camille in A Flea in Her Ear (Driftwood Players). He has also acted in new works including a staging of Charlotte Perkins Gilman's The Yellow Wallpaper and Balance, an original piece for the Seattle Fringe Festival. His previous role the Theatre School was David in Riches.
Mother Earth 2004

Amy Ludwig is Artistic Director of Blue Star performance company, a site-specific theater, with whom she has directed Light Shining In Buckinghamshire, adapted & directed Labyrinth Of Mirrors (from writing by Borges) and the original Here At The End Of A Century. Her stage adaptation of The House On Mango Street has been produced across the country, most recently at Steppenwolf Arts Exchange. She has also worked with Theater Oobleck, Victory Gardens and Curious Theater, among others. Amy holds a BA from Yale, an MA from Northwestern, and trained at Trinity Rep Conservatory.
Daughters of Memory Series 2000


Tony Macaluso studied Chinese and Journalism at Augustana College, and went off to live in the industrial Yang-Tze river city of Wuhan in China where he founded a bi-lingual theater company named Soup of the Day Theater. After returning to the United States, he studied Asian Theater and the history of Clowning at the University of Illinois. For several years he was an ensemble member of Utopia Train Theater. Since moving to Chicago last year, he has performed with Prop Theater, Trap Door Theater and, most avidly, Redmoon Theater (where he also writes grants).
The Space Between Two Series 2001

Cynthia Main
The Subject Objects 2002 

Tanera Marshall has been a working actor in Chicago for six years, appearing with Organic Touchstone, Prop, Eclipse, and Redmoon theaters, and at DePaul's Theatre School. Favorite roles include Anne in THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANK, Miriam in THE WOMEN, Dr. Rank in A DOLL'S HOUSE, and Meg in MOVIE QUEENS. Thanks to the fab four and the cast who've given their hearts and souls, and therefore meaning, to a true collaboration.
Paraffinalia 1999; The Queens Project 1998; The Earth on Which We Stand 1998

Mark Messing composed and designed sound for Redmoon Theater's Galway's Shadow, Lookingglass Theatre's The Idiot and 13th Tribe's Bloodline: The Oedipus/Antigone Story. As musical director for Redmoon Theater, he founded The Redmoon Big Band, a 16 piece marching band featuring homemade instruments, musicians on stilts and marching choreography. His innovative design of musical instruments was seen in Redmoon's Winter Pageant and in Artbeat's feature on Ten Tongues. As co-founder of Maestro-Matic (a music and sound design company) he scored several feature films: Temporary Girl, The Unspoken and Danny's Wish and designed sound for Design, Compensation and Night Night. As a musician, he performs with Ten Tongues, Maestro Subgum and the Whole, Dimensional Holophonic Sound (DHS) and co-founded The Loofah Method, a multi-media performance group. Mark received extensive training of the ear, thumb and left foot from The Peabody Conservatory and bebop saxophonist Joe Daily. Mark loves parades and is especially fond of the Function Generator Model 40600.
Wax and Wayne 2002

Erica Mott is a performer, director, and deviser whose work is particularly inspired by observation of her immediate environment. Through street theater, mask work, and site-specific performance, she attempts to capture and heighten the magic, mystery and tragedy in everyday activities and interactions. She endeavors to find universality in these actions and her performance that may be communicated across social, economic, and cultural boundaries. Erica has performed with Living Stage Theatre Company of Washington DC, Washington Improv Theater, MUKA Project, her ensemble-Collect4, and Local Infinities. She has also run performance workshops for Amnesty International and over 30 schools in Wakefield, Sheffield, and Bradford, England, been the artistic director of MUKA Project Theatre of Johannesburg, South Africa and most recently received her Masters in Psychophysical Theatre Practice with an emphasis on intercultural performance and Asian Martial Arts practice from the University of Exeter, England. [see profile]
Director of Community Programs; Lot's Wife 2004; NaCl 2004

John Musial JOHN MUSIAL is a Chicago based film & theatermaker. He writes, directs, designs and makes stuff. Most recently he created and directed Redmoon's “11th annual Winter Pageant”. Other projects include direction & production management of Local Infinities' “Wax and Wayne”, construction, design and production video for Blair Thomas' “The Poet, the Puppet and the Prisoner”, set design & films for Lookingglass Theatre's “Building Sympathy” and adaptation, direction & films for Lookingglass' “Nelson Algren: For Keeps and a Single Day”. In fall of 01, Musial redirected and edited “Algren”. as an hour-long television program for WTTW Channel 11's series “Network Chicago Presents”. He is a Lookingglass Theatre ensemble member. [see profile]
Lot's Wife 2004, NaCl 2004, Wax & Wayne 2002-03; Pawn 2002; Space Between Two 2001


Mele Ortiz
Corpus Delicti 2006

Jennifer Onopa has performed with Redmoon in Rachel's Love, Long Live the King, and the All Hallows' Eve Ritual Celebration. She has also collaborated with Local Infinities on order=ROPE=chaos and Paraffinalia. Jen teaches the Redmoon Dramagirls and assists with the Children's Company.
Daughters of Memory Series 2000;  Paraffinalia 1999; order=ROPE=chaos 1999


Raging Papist was created to produce MARY STUART, a script by Friedrich von Schiller, performed as a workshop production in 1997 at the Gnu Yak Performance Space in Chicago, directed by Maria Möller. THE QUEENS PROJECT emerged from that production, building on its discoveries and eventually parting from Schiller to create a new work. Raging Papist is a collaboration between Sharon Göpfert and Tanera Marshall.
The Queens Project 1998


Nadine Rambeau is a graduate of Northwestern University and has directed works for Bailiwick Repertory's Naked I Visual Theatre Festival, the Women's Theatre Alliance New Playwrights Festival and MPAACT Productions. Ms. Rambeau has also worked with Redmoon Puppet Theatre, the Chicago Theatre Company for Theatre on the Lake, and Fleetwood Jourdain Theatre.
The Queens Project 1998

Sage Reed created original costumes, sets, and specimens for Corpus Delicti. Sage first collaborated with Local Infinities on Wax & Wayne, for which she designed sets and costumes. Sage’s work has been seen on Broadway, and locally at the Goodman Theatre, Steppenwolf Theatre, and the Chicago Shakespeare Theatre. She is the Prop Master at Court Theatre and a Production Affiliate of Lookingglass Theatre. She was a founding member of DeCorps, a collective of costume designers and artists. Sage’s film credits include Art Director for the independent feature Manfast and Assistant Costume Designer for the Project Greenlight Film Stolen Summer. She was the Assistant Costume Designer for a film installation by Catherine Sullivan, which is now on permanent display at the Whitney Museum of Art, New York. Sage most recently did specialty costumes for Lookingglass Alice.
Corpus Delicti 2005; Wax and Wayne 2002-2003


Martha Schoenberg
The Earth on Which We Stand 1998

Sarah Seaman is not a stage manager at heart, but when the opportunity to become involved with “Wax & Wayne” presented itself, there was no question of turning it down. Her handiwork was most recently seen in the properties design for “The Last of Mrs. Cheyney,” at the Bailiwick Theater. Other credits in technical work include the set and lighting design and technical direction of “Jesus Christ Superstar,” “The Tempest,” and the “Man of La Mancha.” Sarah’s thanks go out to Meghan, Larry, John and Tom for welcoming her so very warmly into their circle. Thanks also to Aaron for encouraging her to do what she has to do.
Wax & Wayne 2003

Chris Seibert has performed in dance and theatre works at the MCA, Link’s Hall, Gallery/Chopin, Bailiwick and the Blue Ryder. A former member of Jellyeye Drum Theatre, her first solo piece Lover, ages 5 and up debuted at Insight Art’s Women’s Performance Jam, and her first play A Young Tired is being developed through the Women’s Theatre Alliance play development workshop.
Daughters of Memory Series 2000

Theresa Sofianos began creating performances in response to the loss of her younger brother, Michael, who died suddenly in 1994. The Lament of the Onion Cutter, her ritual performance chronicling her personal journey of grief was described by The Chicago Reader as "one of those beautiful, difficult experiments that give the Chicago performance art scene its distinctive energy." Her work has been seen at the Brooklyn Museum and the Performance Studies International 2000 Conference at Arizona State University. Visit www.transformart.com for more information. In March she co-curates the Links Hall series Book Marks with Barrie Cole. Thanks to Meghan and Charlie for all the Crazy Magic!
Vanishing Point 2001

Linda Solotaire has performed in the US and abroad for more than 25 years. Throughout her career she has balanced her performance work with writing, directing, composing, choreography, design, electronic and plastic arts and management of complex projects. Recently she managed and produced conceptual multimedia and performance works in collaboration with Sculpture Chicago and the Museum of Contemporary Art. Linda Solotaire is the founder of the Village Loom, created to encourage understanding through collaborative arts.
Subject Objects 2002; Wax (v.) to come to be 2000

Ben Spicer has worked in the theater in various capacities since he was 15 years. He has worked in almost every capacity for the Lookingglass Theater over the last nine years including such productions as “The Great Fire”, “Brundibar”, “Nelson Algren: For Keeps and a Single Day” and “La Luna Muda”. Ben Spent two and a half years living in Seattle working at many theaters including Annex Theater, Theater Schmeater, AHA! theater, The Odd Duck theater among many others and designed lights for the touring production of the sketch comedy troop, Bald Faced Lie. Upon returning to Chicago, Ben took a BFA in Lighting Design from DePaul University and continued to design lighting around the city. Ben spent the last two summers touring The Netherlands with De Smederij theater company and their shows “Dukaten Koorts” and “Val Van Paard” produced in castles throughout the Netherlands.
Wax & Wayne 2002

Alexis Steinkamp
Hidden City 1996

Joe Strell In his solo work, Joe Strell wields melody and metaphor to unveil the turbulent realms of human emotion, relationships, and existence. Composed with acoustic instruments including guitar, mandolin, and ukulele, his songs combine traditional folk technique with an alternative sensibility to deliver a message with the wit of Bob Dylan and the sensitivity of Leonard Cohen. The imagery of his lyrics strikes deep, complementing the cool depths of his musical seascape with personal revelation that evokes the universal. Recent releases are Enormous Morning and Under a Mackerel Sky; visit www.dansbane.com.
Infinitesimals 2005

Meghan Strell is the Artistic director of Local Infinities Visual Theater. As a theater maker who uses symbolic language to reveal simple truths, she draws from her experience with a wide range of theatrical forms in making new work. She is particularly fascinated by the behavior of natural materials and how we recognize ourselves in them. By studying the essence of materials and working with them on stage, she endeavors to shed light on human existence through metaphor.

Meghan is currently a member of Mucca Pazza, a 30 piece circus-punk marching band. In 2002-03, Meghan portrayed Wax in Local Infinities acclaimed production of Wax & Wayne and in 2005-06 she toured operating theaters with Corpus Delicti: Just Deserts. In January 2005 she curated a festival of visual performance at Links Hall; she was an Artistic Associate in 2004-05, an Artist in Residence in 2008-09 and served on the Programming Committee from 2005-09. Meghan worked with Redmoon Theater for ten years, collaborating on numerous productions including their 2004 spectacle in Ping Tom Park, Sink, Sank, Sunk. Meghan has also performed with The Odd Company (Maine), Curious Theater Branch, Walkabout Theater, the Fulton Opera House, and has directed for the Organic Theater Greenhouse. Meghan has a BFA in Performance from the Theater School at DePaul.  [see profile]
Artistic Director, Co-Founder 1996



Marie-Francoise Thibodeaux
Hidden City 1996


Larry Underwood brings to Local Infinities a wealth of experience in the creation of spectacle and site-specific performance. Larry has helped realize performances in shipyards, airplane hangers, beaches, and forests, using theater to take his audiences to many strange places, and on exotic journeys. Between 1994 and 2000, Larry worked in Holland with Dogtroep and Theatergroep Hollandia.

Sâlt (1997) was Larry’s first initiative for Oerol, an international festival of site-specific and spectacle-based performance in the Netherlands. With Smeedwerk in Arhnem, he helped created a historical play in the middle of King Willem’s 17th century hunting forest, complete with a meal under a leafy canopy.

In Chicago, Larry portrayed Wayne in Local Infinities’ acclaimed production of Wax & Wayne (2002). He was recently seen in Walkabout Theater’s Psycho-so-Matic, a site-specific performance set in a laundromat, and has previously worked with Redmoon Theater, Plasticene, and Manifest Theater. Larry believes that audiences should take risks and that theater companies should be bold in their choice of playing spaces as well as in the material that they tackle.
Corpus Delicti 2005; Infinitesimals 2005; Wax and Wayne 2002-03; Pawn 2002; Space Between Two Series 2001; Skin 2000


Kelly Van Kirk is excited to be a part of THE QUEENS PROJECT. He was most recently seen in A MISLAID HEAVEN with Famous Door, being last seen there in the Jeff Award-winning THE LIVING. He has also worked with Shattered Globe, European Repertory, and Mary-Arrchie among others. Love and thanks.
The Queens Project 1998


Jonathan Watkins is very excited to be a part of THE QUEENS PROJECT. Recent work includes Yallery Brown in THE SKRIKER (Defiant Theatre), a single understudy performance as Tony/Waiter in DARK RAPTURE (Strawdog Theatre), Balthasar/George Seacole in MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING (Oak Park Festival Theatre), and an ensemble member in NUMBER NINE (Bailiwick Directors Fest). This one's for Na.
The Queens Project 1998

Shelley Weiss violist
order=ROPE=chaos 1999

Jacqueline Westhead has trained in such diverse styles as commedia dell-arte, drum/body, contact improvisation, African dance and Butoh with teachers from around the US. Westhead is a senior member of Jellyeye and a founding member of Mass Ensemble. She has collaborated with a variety of independent artists and companies in addition to creating her own work and has recently returned from a sabbatical in West Africa.
Daughters of Memory Series 2000, Hidden City 1996

Christian White videographer
Reciprocal Quantities 1997

Anthony Wills Jr. has been performing, choreographing, and directing in Chicago for the past six years. Anthony is also the author of three plays,"The Happiness of Schizophrenia", "What(?)" and "The Reincarnation of Eddie- excerpts and inspirations from the notebooks of Richard Foreman" all of which have been performed at various venues in Chicago. Most recently he choreographed Lonnie Walker's "Isadora I love You!" and appeared in the Hypocrites "Balm in Gilead". Anthony has had the pleasure of working with many wonderful companies including Aboutface, American Theater Company, Appletree, Bailiwick, Black Ensemble, Eta, Journeymen, Lifeline, Lookingglass, Running with Scissors, Steppenwolf and Strawdog.
Lot's Wife 2004, NaCl 2004


Thomas Yager-Madden A data technician by day, Thomas Yager-Madden is a former punk-arts bass player who discovered ambient techno in the early 90s and hasn't been the same since. Under the nom de techno Lichen, Thomas has produced several genre-hopping self-released tapes and CDs, and released one disc, Echolocation, on Chicago-based independent label Hear Diagonally. A new Lichen release is planned for the spring; for more information and updates, visit www.heardiagonally.com/lichen. Thomas wishes to thank his wife Lorie for her love and support, and for putting up with all the cables in the living room.
The Space Between Two 2001; Vanishing Point 2001


Michael Zerang is a Chicago-born Assyrian percussionist, improvisor and composer. He has co-founded and performed with countless experimental, contemporary classical, free jazz, fusion, and rock music groups, written over 100 original musical / sound compositions in collaboration with choreographers, theater companies, performance artists, new music ensembles, and film and video makers. www.michaelzerang.com
order=ROPE=chaos 1999